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Parliamentary Outdoors Caucus

Common Ground by Phil Morlock
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This story gives an excellent overview of the Outdoors Caucus. It also includes a few paragraphs from the FoF President

The Outdoors Caucus forum
provides an unprecedented opportunity for all MP's to gain credible information toward better understanding the Canadian outdoors, its cultures, its people, its heritage. MP's who participate, clearly demonstrate their exceptional commitment to set politics aside and work diligently toward the benefit of their constituents.

I am very encouraged indeed proud to see the level of interest, enthusiasm and support demonstrated at the April 24th 2007 meeting. OC members-MP's (of all political stripes) using their collective knowledge, skills and experience; striving to make informed decisions toward safeguarding our heritage, with respect to traditional hunting, trapping, fishing and shooting sports. History clearly reminds us that ill-informed decisions based on misinformation lead to far-reaching negative and commonly devastating social, economic and wildlife management (political) implications. You are to be commended for your active participation and support.

Please encourage your fellow MP's to follow your lead and share the mutual benefits of getting actively involved by joining and supporting the Canadian Outdoors Caucus.


Eldon Hawton, President
Member, Outdoors Caucus Advisory Committee

For more Information visit the links below:

Seals: "The European Parliament Shuts Down Seal-Product Imports - Again" by Aaju Peter  "The New World Dictionary defines a 'Traitor' - " a person who betrays his country, cause, friends, etc., one guilty of treason or treachery." "Too me people, Canadian citizens who travel to the EU and elsewhere in the world spreading half truths/misinformation with the sole intent (goal) of killing our important fur markets, crucial toward sustaining the traditional livelihoods, survival and cultures of Canadian citizens; have the gall to champion their successes as 'victories', fit well within the above definition and should not be allowed re-entry to Canada or upon their return should face charges for treason!" Eldon Hawton

Outdoors Caucus Page - Garry Breitkreuz, Member of Parliament Yorkton - Melville

Speaking of Canada's founding industry the 'Fur Trade'  This unprecedented story "Adventures In The Fur Trade" walks you through the various sectors beginning with the trappers/wild fur harvesters, the ranchers/producers, the auction houses/buyers, the dresses & dryers/processors, the manufactures/wholesalers, the retailers, and ultimately the all-important economic drivers, the customer.

FoF supports the sealing sector of the fur trade. Letter from The PMO's office FoF encourages the 'fur buying public' to consider 'natural seal fur products', with your support & purchases. Never mind the important social, economic and wildlife management benefits; when you think about the rugged cold climate that seals inhabit...'natural seal fur products' are also an attractive, warm and durable Green Checked choice worthy of your consideration!

Letter of Support from the Kangaroo Industries Association of Australia.  Canada has, by allowing seal harvesting to resume, expressed its support for the wise and sustainable use of natural resources. This is a very international issue. Across the world well thought out, responsible and sustainable programs to utilise wildlife and fish resources are under attack from radical organisation driven by urban based animal liberation bodies who have lost all contact with the earth and its systems.