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‘Viva’ Fur Friendly Nations

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Founded in 1991 … today FoF’s worldwide ‘source of awareness campaign’ efforts remain available online to everyone free, due to our friends … kind contributions, voluntary efforts & support.

Today educators, journalists, college/university students and most importantly the ‘fur buying public’ worldwide … benefit from increased awareness, knowledge and understanding about eco-friendly (Green) natural fur, gained through visiting our unique website!

Donating is simply one way to help FoF maintain and enhance the fur friendly society we're building toward. There are other ways to help further FoF’s mission and goals; encouraging others to seek credible information by visiting FoF’s website … simply one of the best ways is to proudly wear your fur and encourage your family & friends to do likewise.

Does Friends of Fur need donations?

Yes … absolutely! Your donations are ‘very much appreciated’ we depend on them - Don't forget to send us a little note to say why you donated! We really love reading all of the messages that people share with us.

What will my donation be used for?

FoF is a not-for-profit volunteer organization; your kind donations help us defray our monthly costs such as telephone, internet, postal, travel, accomodations etc. Additionally …

FoF is actively involved with the Canadian Outdoors Network, representing the ‘voice’ of the fur buying public nationwide. Various important special events are planned (conventions, conferences, seminars etc.) extra travel/accomodation expenses are incurred; without donated funding, FoF patrticipation on your behalf is jeprodized.

For more info about the Canadian Outdoors Network:

Information   -   Member Groups

Is my donation tax deductible?

Sorry! Friends of Fur is a not-for-profit volunteer organization so you can't deduct your donation at tax time.

Do I have to use PayPal?

PayPal is best … however, we do like getting mail! If you'd like to mail something to us you can print off our mail-in contribution form.

Do I get anything for my donation?

You get a big thank you from us!

Please help us continue posting our worldwide Web messages and other important work with a donation in any amount you wish. Simply use the PayPal ‘Donate’ button below or mail-in option today.

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