Black Bear Re-Introduction

Endorsements and Testimonials

Just a quick note to say I checked out your website and was pleasantly surprised. I'm bidding on one of your items on ebay and thought for sure I was supporting an animal rights group. I'm a farmer who works hard to get the farmers' side of the story out to the public. I support the Ontario Farm Animal Council who's mission is just that. The fur industry needs to keep doing that too, in a bigger way! Looks like you're off to a great start. Congratulations!
(Crystal, Guelph, Ontario, Ontario Farm Animal Council )

Congrat's! It's about time we have a group devoted to spreading the good news on fur and trapping. The best of success.
(W. Wegman, Brantford, Ontario, Canada.)

Nice job. It's good to see a group like yours come on the scene.
(Patti Strand, President, National Animal Interest Alliance)

I do hope Friends of Fur is successful as the trade needs all the help, it can get. I am enclosing a donation to FoF, I hope the extra will help.
(Scott Hartman, National Trappers Association, Bloomington, IL. USA.)

Good luck with FoF and please put me on your mailing list. Enclosure, donation.
(Mark Mowatt, President, World Traders. Inc., Brewer, Maine, USA.)

The anti-fur protesters have no sense of history, no knowledge of biology, no economic sense, no idea of the harm they done and are doing. May your efforts have every success. Contribution enclosed.
(D. Brener Brodey, Draimin Furs, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.)

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