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Friends of Fur (FoF) represents the
interests of the fur buying public.

Fur HatsFriends of Fur (FoF) provides the voice for the fur consumers.   FoF is a group of concerned citizens from all walks of life who want society to know that they enjoy wearing fur products and that effective wildlife management will sustain North America's founding industry.

Friends of Fur aim is to enhance and preserve the cultures that surround the fur trade, to educate and inform.

Friends of Fur is a national environmental and educational organization. Specifically, it educates consumers regarding “natural fur.”

We Are Making A Difference Environmentally by linking the on-the-land activities of fur harvesters with the consumer. Natural fur products have been part of the Canadian landscape for many generations. The fur trade and now the fur industry was Canada’s founding economic activity.

Fur harvesters are often referred to as the “true caretakers of nature”, some of the only people who are part of and who understand the ecological relationships that exist within nature. Two of which are “carrying capacity” and the “cycle of disease, starvation and predation.” Whether it be forestry or fishing, humankind has been part of nature harvesting and protecting.

Fur is a natural product. Fur harvesting is a sustainable activity

Fur Trappers
Keeping Cultures Alive

Wolf hat from Kazakhstan Submitted by IWMC World Conservation Trust