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Natural Fur, thick, silky, warm, luxurious, versatile clothing material. Fur garments are handcrafted, long lasting and ultimately completely biodegradable. Unlike synthetics, fur production does not use up declining resources, destroy forests or deplete the ozone layer.

The fur trade, North America ’s first business still provides a living for thousands of people in urban, rural and remote areas. People who depend directly on nature and sound the alarm when habitat is threatened.

Fur consumers world-wide (the fur trade) deserve due credit as they contribute millions of dollars annually, crucial revenue toward providing the many important social, economic and wildlife management benefits.

Friends of Fur, is an international organization aimed at helping the public become more involved in the fur trade. A non-profit association, Friends of Fur (FoF) is attracting consumers, environmentalists and trappers from throughout Canada and the United States.

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